Dancing with the Stars

In honor of my roommate’s birthday this weekend, I pretended that I was not a broke college student and took a trip to Tavern On the Green. While most people who have heard of this elegant establishment would correlate the restaurant with food, my friends and I went for live jazz and swing dancing.

Tavern On the Green, which is located on Central Park West 67th street, has live jazz every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. When the weather is nice they have the jazz band play outside in the Courtyard. Because I went on a cold winter night I watched the band perform in the Main Bar Room. The room was very cozy. I sat on a lavish couch, and had views of a fireplace, the jazz band performing, and people swing dancing. The band, Fleur Seule, played 1940s jazz hits all night. Their clothes and the overall atmosphere, made me feel as if I had actually gone back in time.

I enjoyed sitting down listening to the music and watching people dance, while sipping my Old Fashioned, but I had an even greater time attempting to learn how to swing dance. My two roommates both took turns trying to teach me the basics. The space in the Main Bar Room was filled with other people dancing. After talking to some of the people, I found out that many of them came to Tavern On the Green regularly to swing dance. They were all very welcoming and kind.

One of the most exciting people in this room was Bill Nye the Science Guy. Yup that’s right. I was casually in the same room as THE science legend. Not only did I sit on the couch, star struck, trying to catch as many glimpses of Bill (we were in the same room as each other, so we’re on a first-name basis now) as possible, but I also got to swing dance right next to him. It truly was a Nye-te to remember. (My apologies for the horrible pun).  Swing dancing in an extravagant bar/restaurant is not something that I normally do. However, I would love to go back in the future because I had such an amazing time.

The beautiful birthday girl subtly posing with Bill Nye

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