Study Spot at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

The amount of times I attempt to do work while sitting on my bed, but end up taking a nap or spending a ridiculous amount of time on my phone instead, is embarrassing. Recently, I decided to be brave and arise from my bed and try out a new study spot. I ventured out to the New York Public Library – Stephen A. Schwarzman Building.

The library is located on 42nd street and Fifth Avenue in Midtown. If you were trying to find this flagship building, you would not miss it because it takes up an entire Manhattan street. The many tourists (and even some New Yorkers) standing outside taking pictures would also lead you in the right direction. Many people often stop to take pictures of the building because of its Beaux-Arts architecture.  The architecture is grand and beautiful and it’s worth taking a picture.

The inside of the library is even more beautiful in my opinion. After walking in the entrance, I walked down a long hallway surrounded by shiny cream tiles, a matching floor, and a decorative ceiling with hanging lights. I headed to the DeWitt Wallace Periodical Room. I decided to go to this room because I was not planning on searching for any books. My goal was to find a quiet space where I could focus and apply to jobs on my laptop. The room was decorated elegantly with murals of buildings around New York City that were important to Periodical publishing. This room allowed me to sit down and focus for a few hours. I applied to a lot more jobs in the library than I would have if I were sitting on my bed. The views in this periodical room were also significantly nicer than the views in my bedroom. The environment was calm and quiet, and I was also surrounded by a lot of adults who were doing work, which encouraged me to focus on my own.

On my way out of the library I decided to stop and look at the Picture Collection. I looked through a folder labeled, “Organized Crime” and found some disturbing but interesting photos. The photos left me feeling similar to how my job search went in the library: scared but intrigued.

I was proud of myself for going on a small adventure to find a new place to work. I would recommend this location as a study spot because there are a variety of floors and places that you can choose to study in, and the environment is beautiful. The historic New York building may just inspire or motivate you to get some work done.

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