An Adventure at Aroma

Throughout my life I have never been a fan of coffee. When I tried my first sip of the bitter beverage, I immediately spit it out. I was convinced that I would never enjoy coffee, and that I would live a tired, caffeine-less life. However, the Ice Aroma drink that I tried at Aroma Espresso Bar changed the coffee game for me.

I headed to the downtown location on Church Street, with my friend who recommended the coffee shop to me. She said I would like the Ice Aroma drink because “it doesn’t even taste like coffee”. She was certainly right. This coffee beverage was one of the best drinks I have ever had. It slightly tasted like coffee; however it mostly resembled a sweet caramel flavor. My favorite part of the Ice Aroma was its consistency. The drink was frozen and similar to a Slurpee or a Frappuccino.

The aesthetically pleasing cup as well as the piece of chocolate that was included with the drink, added to the enjoyable experience. The cup was uniquely clear, with a red cap, and a black straw. The cup sleeve was black with “aroma espresso bar” written in white and red letters. When the sleeve was removed, the cup read, “You’re as cool as the temperature of your drink” in white letters. While I undoubtedly looked foolish walking around in twenty-degree temperatures with a frozen beverage, I did not care because I was enjoying my “cool” drink.

I sat in Aroma Espresso Bar with my friend for a while as we drank our coffee and updated each other on things occurring in our lives. The environment was comfortable. Some people were talking with friends, while others were doing work. After a while my friend and I decided to walk around the area surrounding the coffee shop. It is located right next to the World Trade Center so we were able to see the Freedom Tower, the 9/11 Memorial, and we even walked down to the water and watched the sun set. Not only did I have fun exploring with my friend, but I also discovered an amazing espresso bar and a coffee beverage that I finally liked. While I did not try any myself, Aroma Espresso Bar also serves a variety of food and also different types of drinks. I am looking forward to the next time I go back and have another Ice Aroma and try some food!


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